What is Pix?

Partner Information Exchange (PIX)

The PIX program connects Diebold Nixdorf with our strategic industry partners, enabling the free exchange of ideas and insights into proprietary information about upcoming innovations and releases in software, hardware, security and industry mandates such as EMV and PCI.

The information exchanged helps us keep our valued partners informed and prepared to certify Diebold Nixdorf hardware and software platforms, and offers an invaluable window into issues and topics of interest.

The TAGxPIX Combination

Our strategic industry partners and financial institution clients share common ground on priorities and interest in emerging industry trends. This year’s combined general sessions will address industry developments including mobile, core integration and security, while targeted breakout sessions and panels will offer the opportunity to hear viewpoints from a wide array of financial executives. TAGxPIX offers unprecedented access to relevant stakeholders at key organizations—it’s a networking opportunity you won’t find anywhere else!


If you’d like to learn more about becoming a PIX member, contact us at Tarab.Saleh@DieboldNixdorf.com or (330) 217-9734.