What is TAG?


TAG was created in 1978 with an exclusive, select group of Diebold Nixdorf customers. TAG’s original purpose was to serve as a beta test group for ATMs. TAG has since developed into a thriving, energetic, independent user group encompassing financial institutions and ATM deployers of all sizes. TAG has consistently adapted to fit the evolving needs of its members, and looks forward to helping build connected, profitable relationships among its members.


As the group celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, TAG remains committed to its mission of providing a network of communication between its members and Diebold Nixdorf, for the purpose of sharing information on emerging industry trends.


Through TAG, members enjoy direct access to Diebold Nixdorf executives, translating to rapid creative development and collaborative problem solving. TAG members also benefit from valuable discounts on training and supplies, as well as discounted registration to the TAGxPIX National Summit.

Membership is open to any financial institution, educational institution or business which owns and operates Diebold Nixdorf systems, software or services. Apply online today and, if accepted, receive the member discount on your attendee pass to TAGxPIX 2018.


If you’d like to learn more about becoming a member of TAG, contact us at info.tagdn@gmail.com or (330) 305-9666.